International clients

Mortgage advisor for international clients

Are you working as an Expat in the Netherlands? Are you looking for an independent mortgage advice to buy a house in the Netherlands? All for Finance can help you!

All for Finance has been active in the field of mortgages since 1995. Our advisors have more than 60 years of experience together.

Are you thinking of buying a house?  This is an exciting and important decision. Buying a home abroad where the laws, rules and taxations are entirely different, can present even bigger challenges and questions. We can help you make the process of buying a house as comfortable as possible. We do this by offering first class service, first class advice and first class products to support you with your financial planning.

As an independent mortgage advisor, we compare all the mortgage providers and find the one that fits you perfectly, for now and for the future.

We specialize in providing professional planning and advice to individuals and families of all financial means. Our services are offered on a fixed fee basis or per hour. We offer the convenience of flexibility and evening appointments. Complementary parking in front of our office without parking costs. We don’t impose a minimum net worth, income or investable asset standard.

Mortgage advice meeting at All for Finance

During our first introductory meeting, we would like to get to know you. On the basis of your financial situation and personal wishes, we will discuss what options there are, what the consequences are and what you need to take into account. We will explain the mortgage application process and will go deeper into our rates and conditions. After the meeting you will receive a number of calculations by e-mail. You can then in the comfort of your own home process and review all the information you received from us.

The moment you have bought a property, we would like to make a follow-up appointment so that we can actually help and guide you in finding a mortgage that suits you perfectly.

Personal tax advice

For tax services we always partner up with Maguire Tax & Legal, who are specialized in advising expats. Their services will definitely yield more than they cost. They can help you out with:

Tax return in year of immigration

Are you in the Netherlands for less than 5 years and you haven't filled your Dutch income tax return yet?  Maguire can help you recover a large profit that you forgot.  Or are you leaving the Netherlands this year? Maguire can help recover your refund. The tax refund can get as high as 9.000 euro annually.